Teen Mom Wins $225k Case Against the City of San Diego

A former teen mom who had her child taken away from her by the city when she was 16 has now won a decision in court that will award her $225,000. The offense occurred in 2008, when San Diego police officers deemed Johnneisha Kemper to be “unfit” to raise her child and took the little girl away.

According to court records, the incident that drew the attention of the police involved an argument between Kemper and her mother. This argument eventually resulted in Kemper being locked out of her mother’s home, while her newborn daughter remained inside.

Eventually, Kemper called the police to seek help resolving the dispute between her and her mother so she could retrieve her child. Unfortunately for Kemper, when police arrived and assessed the situation, they ended up taking the woman’s daughter away with them.

The lawsuit has now been settled on the grounds that the officers were in the wrong for taking the child because Kemper’s daughter, Nyhanna, was never in any real danger. This decision means $225,000 for Kemper, but little else.

Her daughter is now six years old, but hasn’t been living with Kemper since she was taken away by police. Instead, adoptive parents have been raising her all this time. Unfortunately, according to the attorney representing Kemper, there’s nothing to be done about that. As far as that goes, attorney Shawn Mcmillan said in a recent interview that “it’s over.” Not long after the incident, Kemper had her parental rights terminated. It wasn’t long before her daughter was a adopted and Kemper lost visitation rights too.

This mother did the right thing by contacting an attorney. It’s a mistake to think that any police officer or even family court is automatically justified in their actions. A qualified lawyer can ensure you’re not being naïve. As Johnneisha Kemper’s case proves, that naiveté can really cost you.


San Diego pays $225K to teen mom who lost custody of newborn