You always want to have the best for your elderly loved ones. They were there for you during your formative years and whenever you needed them and you need to make sure that they are safe now. Sometimes, you need to place them into an elder care facility to make sure they have the best care possible, and while many San Diego facilities are great, you still need to be careful. Even quality centers may have some employees who slipped through the cracks and who are a danger to the patients in one form or another. If you feel as though the home you chose has something wrong with it, and you believe that your loved one could be in danger, then you need to take action.

First, make sure you are documenting everything that you find out of place, such as signs of abuse. Take photos of bedsores and other issues, such as a dirty facility, if you can. Speak with people at the home about your concerns and make them answer you. Document the date of the conversation and what was said and make note of any action taken by the management.

Second, you need to file a complaint with the Department of Adult Protective Services. At this point, it is also a good idea to contact an experienced San Diego attorney versed in handling these matters. He or she can walk you through the process of everything you need to do and will be able to help you with your investigation so you can find peace and justice for your elderly loved ones. They deserve respect and they need great treatment in their golden years. Make sure you do everything in your power to ensure that is just what they receive. After all, you know they would do the same for you.