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Beach shoreline in Oceanside, California

Beautiful beaches and warm salt water are the main things that draw people to live in Oceanside, CA. But sometimes, that combination can cause homes to be infested with mold, and when that happens, you need the services of an environmental law attorney from Thompson Injury Law in Oceanside.

If black mold, vermin, or some other environmental danger has harmed you or a loved one, you deserve to get compensation from whoever is responsible. Contact Thompson Injury Law today to consult with an experienced environmental law lawyer about your case.

Environmental Law in Oceanside

Oceanside is one of many towns near San Diego that is older than the United States. While this means the city is rich in history, it also means many of the buildings are older and potentially unsafe. Old buildings were built when different regulations were in place. And many are grandfathered in, allowing any problems to persist.

Additionally, many houses in the city are just a few feet from the Pacific Ocean. Even though California isn’t a particularly humid state, when buildings are close to the water, moisture enters the woodwork. Due to the climate of the area, that moisture is usually quite warm.

These factors combine to make many homes and businesses susceptible to environmental hazards like:

If you are an employee subjected to these hazards at work or a tenant who lives in a home that is hazardous, you may be owed money. Any harm you suffered from exposure should be compensated by your landlord or employer. Thompson Injury Law will help you get the money you deserve. Contact us today to get a free consultation and learn about your options. 

Unsafe Workplaces

Have you noticed rat droppings in the break room of your workplace or mold around the vents of the HVAC unit? If so, you might be eligible for compensation from your employer.

Your employer is required to maintain a safe work environment. That doesn’t just mean that fire alarms need to work. That also means that workers need to be safe from environmental hazards and toxic substances.

Mold and vermin are particularly likely threats in Oceanside because they are both prevalent in warm, wet areas. Typically, these problems are both expensive and time-consuming to deal with.

That latter is the reason that some employers choose to ignore problems rather than deal with them. Some might even try to cover them up. But that usually just makes things worse.

If you find yourself having difficulty breathing at work or getting sick throughout the day, it could be due to some environmental hazard in your workplace that your employer is ignoring.

Unsafe Schools and Day Care Facilities

For most parents, the idea that their child’s school or daycare may have toxic conditions is even scarier than the idea that their work is dangerous. Unfortunately, the same conditions that can make work unsafe exist in childcare facilities in Oceanside, too.

Additionally, because many buildings in the city are older, some of them were painted with lead paint. Today, it is well understood that lead paint is dangerous and shouldn’t be used for indoor surfaces. But that doesn’t mean all the lead paint that was previously used is gone.

Sadly, some schools and daycare facilities still have buildings with lead paint. This creates an unsafe situation for your children and should never happen. But that does not prevent it from happening.

If your child is sick after going to school, especially if they licked or ate anything, visit a doctor immediately. Lead poisoning can cause brain damage that may permanently disable your child. An environmental law attorney from Thompson Injury Law can help you get the compensation that will last a lifetime.

Unsafe Rental Homes

The one place that everyone should feel safe is where they live. But that might not be true if you discover that your home has a mold infestation or some other environmental danger.

If that happens, your landlord should evacuate your home, have the mold removed, and pay for your lodging until you once again have a safe place to live. Few landlords are willing to spend that kind of money. Even worse, some will try to hide the mold, making it so you have no clue why you have breathing troubles.

If you have difficulty breathing or are coughing up blood, get medical attention and consult an environmental attorney. You deserve to breathe with ease while living in your home.

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