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When a patient joins a rehabilitation facility, they’re entrusting the professionals involved with just about every sensitive facet of their life. The last thing they should be subjected to are the kinds of charges currently facing ABC Sober Living, Rock Church, Tina Powers, and David Powers, all of San Diego.

A lawsuit had previously been filed against the group claiming that patients had been subjected to everything from intimidation to sexual harassment and even sexual assault. It should be noted, however, that David Powers has denied these claims. One of the more disgusting of them is that Tina Powers came to the home of one of the patients who had come forward. There, Power is said to have handed the former patient the heroin and needles she had once turned over to the recovery program. Powers then allegedly told the patient to go ahead and use to the point of overdosing because she was “dead to them.”

Rock Church has since come out and denied the allegations made against it as well. The church notes that none of the accusations actually involved their staff or facility. They merely recommended ABC Sober living, which employed the Powers, and they have since stopped referencing people to that rehabilitation group. However, the attorney representing the victims—which now includes seven more former patients—disputes that there is no connection between the Rock Church and the allegations that were filed.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time those in charge of caring for some of the most vulnerable have betrayed that faith. This is why it’s essential to have the help of a qualified attorney should something go wrong. If you or a loved one is entering rehab, you certainly don’t need one more thing to worry about, but this contact could make a huge difference. While this type of case is rare, it’s still better to be safe.