Propane Tanks Explode at Santee Campground

Ideally, camping should involve time spent away from the rat-race, relaxing with family and friends. San Diego County is home to a number of popular campgrounds used year-round for just this reason. Unfortunately, this past weekend, one campsite featured an event that was anything but relaxing. A couple staying at Santee Lakes, located in Santee, were attempting to light a propane stove at roughly 10 p.m. when the accident occurred.

At this time, no one knows for sure what caused the accident, which is being described as an explosion. We know that the propane stove was part of a larger trailer and that the victims were inside the recreational vehicle when the explosion happened. The accident is still under investigation at the moment, but it seems likely that propane was allowed to build up before the fire was lit. This would explain why the explosion was described as just a flash. It also makes sense, then, why the fire extinguished itself immediately after.

Though the two victims were reportedly able to leave the trailer on their own, they were said to have suffered burns to between 40% and 50% of their body. Santee fire officials also described the trailer as being heavily damaged as a result of the explosion.

Nearby campers did their best to help the man and woman once they made it out of the vehicle, but emergency responders still had to take them to UCSD Burn Center immediately to treat their wounds.

The names of the couple have not yet been released, and we do not know their current status. We do know, however, that they should seek legal representation depending on the results of the investigation. If the propane tank or RV is responsible, they’ll most likely have damages coming their way so long as an experience attorney represents them.