The term premises liability is something that you might hear if you have a slip and fall accident, and it is important to have an idea of what it means and how it can affect your case. It refers to determining who is in control over a piece of property and is therefore the one likely liable for your injuries. If you receive a personal injury at work, or at a business in San Diego, the attorneys you use will look at premises liability in the event that the injury occurred because of some type of negligence on the property.

Depending on the circumstances, different people will be liable. For example, homeowners need to make their homes safe for those who visit and for those who come for repairs. If there is a slippery floor or dangerous railing that causes an injury, the homeowner is liable. Businesses need to consider the same things. If they do not ensure safety for those who come into the business, and someone falls, or has something fall on them, they are liable.

Premises liability boils down to responsibility, and determining who is responsible for the property where you received your injury. When you or a loved one has an injury, your best option is to speak with a San Diego attorney who has experience working in the field and who can determine who is liable for your injuries. The sooner you get in touch with an attorney the better. You want to start your case before the time limitation runs out on filling your case. The sooner you talk with an attorney the easier it should be to gather evidence relating to the case as well. While all cases are different and liability can vary, the attorney can give you an idea of what will likely happen and how your case will likely proceed.