Pit bull

A pit bull tore out of its cage at an animal shelter, and viciously attacked a Florida woman and her children. The family suffered major injuries from the incident, which occurred in the town of Bunnell, Florida. The children are just three and five years old.

The incident occurred when the woman left her two young children alone in the van, as she went inside the shelter to do work.

Breaking out of its cage, the dog charged into an open window in the van, and lunged for the younger child. The canine bit on to the child’s head, dragging the first victim to the floor of the vehicle. When the mother jumped on top of the dog, trying to save her child, the animal turned on her, biting her in the neck and face.

The woman managed to wrestle the dog back to its shelter, and she put it back in its cage. As she headed into the shelter to get help, the dog again broke free from its pen, and jumped back into the van. This time, the canine turned it’s attention to the five-year-old girl, biting her on the shoulder, dragging that child to the ground, as it had the first victim. The woman was able to win control over the dog, and dragged it to a secure area, before she entered the van with her injured children. She then drove to a phone to call emergency personnel.

Joggers and runners are quite often the targets of loose dogs, and running past them may be the wrong thing to do. When a person runs past a yard, and a dog barks, it is defending it’s territory. If the jogger keeps going, the dog believes it won. This emboldens the canine for next time, and the situation can escalate. If you meet a vicious dog, avoid eye contact, and turn slightly away from the dog. If possible, establish your space, using an umbrella or cane between yourself and the canine.

Names of the recent victims have not yet been released.