Passenger Dies after Motorcycle Crash in Chula Vista

Everyone knows riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, but this particular form of transportation remains popular throughout the country, especially in San Diego. Thanks to our beautiful weather and expanse of roadways, it’s pretty typical to see a collection of motorcyclists on any given day.

Unfortunately, accidents that involve motorcyclists happen on a regular basis as well. Such was the case this past Saturday in Chula Vista. It was around 3:30 a.m. when the driver of an unspecified vehicle entered an off ramp located on Interstate 5.

Shortly thereafter, a motorcyclist joined him. However, police believe the rider may have been going far too fast when entering the ramp, and was unable to control the vehicle. In any case, the result was an accident that left the motorcyclist seriously injured. The driver of the other car involved was also hurt badly enough that he was brought to UCSD Medical Center. Sadly, the motorcyclist had a passenger who was pronounced dead at the scene.

At this time, facts are still coming out regarding the accident. Police have not said who was actually at fault. We also don’t know if drugs or alcohol were involved.

However, we do know that this could be part of a disturbing trend regarding motorcyclists and accidents. In 2011, 4,630 motorcyclists were killed in accidents across the country. That number then went up 7% in 2012, totaling 4,957. However, the number of accidents that left motorcyclists injured rose 15% in that same amount of time.

For the data we currently have, motorcyclist fatalities were at their highest over the past decade in 2008, when they hit 5,312, but they have been steadily rising again since. Injuries have been on the rise over that same period.

If you ride a motorcycle, always wear a helmet and be safe. However, it’s also important that you have the number of a qualified attorney who can represent you in case of the worst.