Many people in the Bay Area enjoy taking their motorcycles on the road. The vehicles save money on gas, give you a unique perspective of the area’s landscape and are a lot of fun to ride for those who enjoy them. However, even the most adamant of motorcyclists know that their preferred mode of transportation can be a risky one. Although they’re not hard to find on the road, motorcyclists often aren’t seen by their fellow drivers until it’s too late. Of course, many times, it’s the motorcyclists that make their rides dangerous.


That appears to be the case for a 22-year-old man who was riding his motorcycle around Solana Beach this past Sunday. The Escondido man, who has been identified as Alexander Mackenzie Williams, was driving west on Via de la Valle by Jimmy Durante Boulevard. Reportedly, his motorcycle was traveling at a high rate of speed.

This is probably why, around 6:30 pm, Williams lost control of his bike and ended up driving into oncoming traffic. What happened next is still under investigation. Sheriff’s officials believe he may have hit a traffic control cone, which would explain why one witness said Williams’ body just stopped while the motorcycle went out from under him.

Whatever stopped him, the impact was enough to send him flying under a nearby parked Hyundai. His motorcycle continued, eventually crashing into a Toyota sedan heading eastbound and then two more vehicles.

Williams died immediately.

Had he lived, however, he’d want to call an attorney in San Diego ASAP. Those whose vehicles were struck by the motorcycle would also want to seek legal representation to help them recoup any damages they may be entitled to. While this is certainly a sad story and it serves as good reminder to have an attorney you trust on call, hopefully it’s also news that motivates motorcyclists to be careful out there.