Motorcycle Crash in Del Mar

On Sunday, July 20, police responded to a motorcycle crash that occurred in the community of Del Mar, just to the north of San Diego. The crash, which occurred in the 600 block of Via de la Valle involved a motorcycle as well as several cars. According to early reports, high speed on the part of the motorcycle was a key factor in the deadly crash that took the life of the 22-year-old driver. Deputies had to close the Via de la Valle for more than four hours – from around 6:30 to between 10:30 and 11 PM in order to investigate.


According to witnesses, the motorcycle may have hit something, such as a cone in the road, while going at a high rate of speed. This caused the driver to fall from the bike. However, the motorcycle actually continued to “ghost ride” for another 100 yards or so, causing more accidents along the way. The man thrown from the bike landed beneath another vehicle. Investigators are looking into whether the accident may have been the result of racing with another driver. They do not feel that alcohol or other drugs were a factor in the case.


While it is highly important for all drivers to be aware of the motorcycles around them, it is also important for the motorcycle riders to obey the laws of the road. They are in place for everyone’s safety. Keep the speeds low enough so that it is possible to handle the bike, and always try to stay fully aware of surroundings. This accident occurred during Del Mar’s horse racing season, a time when the roads are always full, and when they have cones set up showing different routes into and out of the fair grounds. These cones, combined with speed, may have been the cause of the accident. Slowing down and higher awareness could have helped.