The CDC reports that almost 4.5 million people in American are bitten by dogs every year. More than half of those victims are children and one out of every five of those bites leads to serious injury.  (Dog Bites) In one year alone, more than 25,000 people needed reconstructive surgery to repair the damage caused by the dog bite. This may make you wonder, what went wrong with these dogs? After all, the dogs are supposed to be “man’s best friend.”

Generally, the injuries come from negligence on the part of the owner in some way. No matter how loving these animals may seem, they are still animals. They do not understand sickness, injury, fear, etc. They will react with animal instinct when confronted with certain issues. This could lead to dog bite injuries. Additionally, there are owners who also train their dogs to be aggressive. This just complicates the problem.

Because there are so many cases of dog bite injuries, there have to be ways to hold those responsible at fault for their negligence or choices. The medical bills and other expenses that could accrue from the injury can end up in the tens of thousands of dollars. If someone is responsible, they may owe compensation to the victim or the family of the victim.

If you or a loved one was injured in a dog bite injury, then do not hesitate to get legal help right away. Contact the offices of Thompson Wedeking to discuss your case.