Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney, legend of both the big and small screens, died of natural causes on April 6th, at the age of 90.

As a young man, Rooney was a wholesome young actor who lit up the screen in the Andy Hardy films. He began acting in Vaudeville in 1922, and become one of Hollywood’s most enduring actors.

Offstage, his personal life was much more dramatic, and his career had its ups and downs.

In his later life, Rooney was a victim of elder abuse from his own stepchildren. Chris Aber, stepson to the actor, along with stepdaughter Christina Aber, were accused by Rooney with emotional, verbal and financial abuse of the actor.

In February 2011, Rooney was granted a restraining order from the pair, in order to prevent further damage. Court documents say the two relatives forced Rooney to take unwanted roles, intercepted his mail and siphoned off his bank accounts.

Elder abuse is widespread in the United States, and can come in a variety of forms, including physical, emotional and financial abuse. This is usually carried out by a trusted family member or caretaker. Here are some signs to watch for if you think elder abuse might be taking place.

Watch for frequent arguments and disagreements between the elderly person and their caregiver. This is often a sign the senior is experiencing abuse.

Look for physical bruises, especially those that appear on both sides of the body – these can be caused by grabbing and shaking. Also, check wrists and ankles for signs the senior have have been restrained.

Unusual weight loss, malnutrition or dehydration are often signs of neglect. Homes are often left unclean and unsanitary.

Watch for financial abuse, which can become evident when a senior is falling behind on bills or does not have the money needed to live and pay bills.

Mickey Rooney suffered through elder abuse. Make sure the same doesn’t happen to someone you love.