Lakeside Accident Leaves Dirt Biker Dead

There are many popular recreational activities in and around San Diego, thanks in large part to the beautiful weather that allows folks to get out on a regular basis. One such activity is dirt biking. The area is home to countless parks and other outdoor areas that make this pastime an easy one to participate in.

That being said, dirt biking is an activity that comes with serious safety demands or the participants could easily end up injured or even dead. The most basic piece of safety equipment is a helmet, of course, but riders frequently wear pieces that cover their chests, legs and arms. Even then, though, accidents can occur thanks to all the other people involved at the same time.

At least one of these factors recently played a role in a young man’s death in the Winters Garden community of Lakeside. According to the California Highway Patrol, a dirt biker was riding a 2013 Kawasaki this past Sunday, August 17th, at around 4:40pm. The man was going down Sunview Drive south toward Cajon Vista Court.

For reasons that are currently unknown, the rider decided to veer right from his original path. Unfortunately, when he did this, he found himself headed toward a parked GMC pickup truck and eventually crashed.

Although the rider was transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital, he was pronounced dead sometime around 6:15pm. His name has not yet been released to the public. However, the California High Patrol Officer, Kevin Pearlstein, did say that he didn’t have reason to believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the man’s death.

The first lesson to take from this story is how important it is to wear a helmet, whether you’re pedaling a bike or riding one with a motor. Secondly, accidents can happen at the least likely of times and leave people hurt or worse. So, always have the name and number of a qualified attorney in the area.