Despite how popular motorcycles are here in San Diego and the surrounding areas, they are often involved in accidents where other drivers simply didn’t see them. Worse yet, many of these accidents have been hit and runs. This summer, alone, has seen dozens of them in this part of the state. So while motorcyclists should always take every precaution when they drive—wear helmets, protective clothing, ensure their bike is in working condition, etc.—it’s also important that they keep an eye on what traffic is doing around them too.


Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do and no motorcyclist can do anything about a driver who plans on leaving the scene of a crime because they don’t want to put up with the ramifications of their actions.

A motorcyclist who was riding in Bay Park last Friday is currently in critical condition because of one such driver. It was around 1:15 am when a black Audi was traveling down Morena Boulevard and decided to make an illegal U-turn. When they did so, the car was brought directly in front of a motorcyclist who was then hit by the vehicle and launched off his motorcycle.

The good news is that the driver didn’t get away. He only made it about a quarter mile from the scene before police spotted him on Morena Boulevard and were able to get him to pull over. Officers immediately detained him. They reported that they believe alcohol was a factor in the accident.

Hopefully, more good news will come in the way of a clean bill of health for the motorcyclist who had to be taken to the hospital. His next priority, however, should be contacting an attorney who is experienced in traffic accidents. The motorcyclist is most likely entitled to a lot of money for his pain and suffering and the right attorney can ensure he gets it.