The Gun Fire outside San Diego will likely be under control by this weekend, according to officials. A blaze that began as a brush fire grew until it encompassed 125 acres east of Pine Valley. This fire formed near a hunting club, providing the basis of the nickname.

More than 250 firefighters worked on controlling the inferno. Traffic was detoured from Interstate 8 between Buckman Springs Road and Sunrise Highway. This was due to the tremendous amount of smoke generated from the inferno. Air tankers and workers on the ground battled the blaze, which spread quickly when it first erupted.

Heavy winds that fed the fire early have now died down, giving firefighters a chance to begin containment efforts. Officials estimated the fire would be under control by Sunday night. Wende Cornelius of the U.S. Wildlife Service now says that announcement was “overly optimistic.” Local fire departments now believe the wildfire will be under control by 8 p.m. on Thursday night.

Wildfires and brush fires can spread quickly, even during winter months. Whenever there are uncontrolled fires, there is a possibility of injuries from flame and smoke.

Burn injuries can be either mild, or severe. Medical personnel classify burn injuries as belonging to one of three categories, depending on the severity of the injury.

First-degree burns affect only the outer layers of skin. These injuries usually only produce redness and swelling around the area where the injury took place. The next most-serious classification of these injuries are second-degree. Burns this bad can produce blistering, and involve the underlying layer of skin. Third-degree burns are the most serious of all. Damage from these injuries can extend to deeper layers of tissues and internal organs. Many third-degree burns can be life-threatening, or cause permanent, debilitating damage to the victim.

People who suffer from burns recover more quickly when first aid is quickly applied. If you are in or near a fire, it is vitally important to remove yourself and any other people safely out of the range of smoke and heat.

Always be safe around wildfires.