Crane Accident Closes I-5 Down

If you were headed north on I-5 this past Friday, chances are you ran into quite the delay. While that’s not entirely rare for the interstate, especially nearing a busy weekend (it was Halloween, after all), the fact that a crane toppled over means that every lane had to be shut down while it the situation was assessed. Being such a large vehicle also meant that the lanes couldn’t be completely reopened until after 3 a.m., more than 12 hours after the initial accident occurred.

Details are still a bit vague, but it’s believed that the crane overturned after it ran into a concrete barrier. Obviously, this would be problematic enough all on its own, to say nothing of the fact that it then fell over into traffic. However, the damage also meant that the crane lost a large volume of hydraulic fluid, which made it much more difficult for those who responded to the accident to do their job. It also ensured the roads weren’t safe even after the crane was erected and removed from the scene.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported, including the driver who was in the vehicle at the time. This is incredibly lucky considering the accident took place close to where the interstate runs past Pico Avenue, a fairly busy part of the city. It also happened during rush hour traffic.

As it seems this was legitimately a fluke accident—the police haven’t mentioned charges and drugs and alcohol don’t appear to have been a factor—it doesn’t appear as though this story will go much further. However, the driver of the crane may still wish to contact an attorney. The unnamed driver could still face charges by the company he works for, looking to retrieve damages. You can bet they’re definitely going to have attorneys on their side too.


I-5 lanes reopen 13 hours after crane accident in San Clemente