It’s not rare for motorcyclists to take to the roadways all over the Bay Area, especially during the summer. Unfortunately, what often is rare are other motorists seeing them. Obviously, this is why it’s so important for motorcyclists to practice safe driving at all times, even if others should be making the same effort. However, it’s also why San Diego motorcyclists should have the name of a qualified personal injury attorney handy in case anything happens.

One motorcyclist recently wasn’t lucky enough. Not only was he recently in an accident in Chula Vista, but being that the collision was fatal, no amount of representation is going to turn the story around for him.

The accident occurred on July 3rd at right around 5:30 in the morning. Both vehicles were heading west on East H Street, not far from Regulo Place, according to Kenny Heinz, a Lt. with the Chula Vista police department.

In the wake of the crash, all four lanes of East H Street, from Buena Vista Way down to Paseo Ranchero, were closed by the authorities. However, the responding authorities’ efforts were not enough to save the driver of the motorcycle—who has not been named at this time—as his injuries proved to be fatal. Fortunately, the other driver’s injuries as well as those of his passengers are said to be minor. They are all expected to recover.

Although we don’t currently know the events that led up to the accident, it’s safe to say that the other driver should seek legal advice. The family of the dead motorcycle driver should also do the same. While it’s possible this was simply an unfortunate accident with no one to blame, it’s always best to have a qualified attorney ensure that you’re not entitled to some sort of settlement for the resulting pain (physical or otherwise) you’re suffering.