Slip and fall injuries are unfortunately common, and they can be far more dangerous than the name might imply. In the best scenarios, the fall might only cause some bruising, a small amount of pain, and a damaged ego. However, many slip and fall cases involve broken bones, head injuries, and a variety of other types of bodily trauma. They can be deadly.

The weather is certainly a factor in many slip and fall cases. While San Diego might not have snow or as much rain as some other parts of the country, the weather can still be a factor. When it does rain, the sidewalks, roads, stairs and more tend to be quite slick. Falls can and do happen regularly. While no one is at fault for the weather, not providing the proper and necessary safety precautions could mean that someone is liable for your injuries.

Another one of the common reasons for a slip and fall accident is a wet floor. For example, if the refrigeration unit in the frozen food section of a grocery store were to fail, it could spill water onto the floor. If the store does not put down signs and take action to fix the problem, they could be liable for the injury.

Defective sidewalks, torn carpeting, recently waxed floors, loose floorboards, loose railings can increase the risk of slip and fall accidents as well. While it is your responsibility to be careful when you are walking, there are some cases where the property owners are simply neglectful. In those instances, it is important that you hold them responsible for the injuries you received. The medical bills associated with these accidents can be quite high, especially for those who need to have additional therapy. If you are the victim in a slip and fall case, talk with an attorney today.