In 2013, California was the country’s leader in lethal dog attacks, which is not a statistic in which the state takes any pride. Still, it’s a fact, and that means that people in San Diego really do need to be aware when it comes to dangerous canines.

One of the most infamous cases to have come out of San Diego in recent years is that of the Cornelio family, who were convicted in the death of Emako Mendoza. The family had several neglected and underfed pit bulls, which attacked Mendoza, a 76-year-old woman. Mendoza had to have an arm and leg amputated and succumbed to complications of her injuries on Christmas Eve of 2011. The Cornelio family knew the dogs were dangerous, as they had earlier attacked a man and his puppy as they walked by. The dogs were not secure in the yard, and they were hungry. It was only a matter of time before tragedy struck.

It’s unfortunate, but these types of cases happen with alarming frequency in San Diego, as well as other parts of the state. However, a dog bite does not have to be from a pit bull or one of the other large and supposedly dangerous breeds to cause severe injury. All dog bites are dangerous, and the owners of out of control animals need to make sure that they find ways to manage their pets.

If you or someone in your family has suffered from a dog bite attack, you need to make sure the owner pays for his or her negligence. They should be responsible for your pain and suffering and hospital bills, and the law can help ensure you get the damages you deserve. Talk with a personal injury attorney in San Diego who has experience in the field to help get an idea of what will happen with your case.