According to Medline Plus, there are three levels of burns in victims:

  • First Degree – which damages the outer skin,
  • Second Degree – which damages the outer and under layer of skin, and
  • Third Degree – which damages the deepest layer of skin and the tissue beneath it.

No matter the level of a burn injury, it is extremely painful and very difficult to overcome. These injuries can lead to numerous long-term problems as well, such as scarring, disfiguration, and even loss of the skin’s ability to sweat and cool properly. The victim will likely face extensive pain, possible plastic surgery, months of recovery time, and possibly a lifetime of dealing with scars.

Victims of burn injuries could face hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses depending on the extent of the injuries and will also likely miss work. That just means even more money they will not have.

Not all burn injuries are due to someone else’s negligence, but in some cases they are. When someone else did something negligent or did not do something they should have, the result could be physical injury to someone else. They can often be held accountable for the injury they caused.

A burn injury can be damaging physically and emotionally. It isn’t something that just goes away quickly. For some people, they suffer for the rest of their lives. If you are a victim of a burn injury, contact the offices of Thompson Wedeking so that we can help you determine if you have a case.