Young Woman Found Dead in Spring Valley

The passing of a young person is always a sad affair; however, the recent death of a 22-year-old woman is especially tragic as foul play is suspected to have perhaps played a role. Authorities found the lifeless body of Victoria Lynn Lyman at her home in Spring Valley at roughly 9:30 a.m. this past Saturday.

Though her exact cause of death is not yet known, police brought in homicide detectives after they noticed what were described as obvious signs of traumatic injury on her body.

Paramedics who were first on the scene gave Lyman CPR before transporting her to nearby Grossmont Hospital. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

It will most likely be several weeks before we find out what caused the young lady’s death. Investigators have questioned her husband and a roommate who shared the house. According to officials, both were home at the time Lyman’s body was discovered. An autopsy is being performed by The San Diego County Medical Examiner who will also run toxicology tests, though the results probably won’t do much to explain the physical signs of injury authorities noticed.

There is no word on who called authorities or originally found the body. Neighbors who were interviewed by NBC 7 had little to say about the woman. Most didn’t know her, but only ever saw her in passing. We also don’t know much else about the state the body was in or where on the property it was found.

Obviously, the husband and roommate should both retain legal representation if they haven’t already. This is always a good idea before speaking to the police. Even if they’re completely innocent, they could find themselves in hot water if they don’t fully understand their rights. For this reason, anyone else who knew Lyman and faces questioning should secure an attorney’s services too.