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Beside auto accidents, workplace accidents are the most commonly litigated injury in the state of California. Our workplace injury attorneys have experience in workplaces falls, construction accidents, chemical accidents, workplace burns, electrocutions, explosions and other industrial accidents.

At Thompson Injury Law is it our primary goal to maximize the recovery you deserve due to your workplace accident. If you have been in a workplace accident it is important you contact your employer right away. But, do not contact or take phone calls from any employer insurance representative until you have spoken with an experience workplace accident attorney. All of the personal injury cases in San Diego are handled by our firm are on a contingency basis which means you are not responsible for any attorney fees unless we recover an award for you.

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If you have been in an accident that involved a government agency in any way, you may be unaware that you have legal recourse. Government negligence doesn’t mean you are just left with expensive medical bills and lost wages with no way to hold someone responsible for your accident. You may have a case under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

There are many, many different cases of government negligence. These are just a few examples. In any case, if you are a victim, your legal recourse will likely be through a specific act.

Construction Accidents

Every year, thousands of pedestrians are injured or killed by vehicles, but that isn’t the only danger to people. Pedestrian construction site injuries can also occur in construction zones and in other special conditions.

Industrial and Job-Related Accidents

When you go to work, you should be able to feel safe in the workplace. It is the responsibility of your employers to ensure your relative safety is kept in mind. However, industrial and job-related accidents do happen, and they can be fatal. If someone was liable for such an accident, then they are responsible for the expense and damage caused.

Commercial Driving Accidents

While head on collisions add up to a very small percentage of the accidents that occur in the US annually, they are still very dangerous and can still result in severe injuries or fatalities.


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