Most people tend not to think about accidents or injuries very much. It is unpleasant business, and most people feel that they will never actually be the victim of any type of personal injury. Those things happen to “other people”, and not them or their loved ones. Of course, reality can have a harsh way of intruding into your life! Many workplace injuries occur in San Diego every day, and you could very well be next.

Those who do become victims often have no idea of what they should do or how they should proceed though. Sometimes, they might even feel that the injury was minor and that they don’t need to tell anyone. This could be a huge mistake, as the actual injury could present in a much worse way later! Not reporting it could damage your chance of receiving damages for the injury. If you’ve received an injury at work, take the following steps.

First, if you need medical attention, get it immediately. Second, make sure you report it to your supervisor and to the HR department. You want to have a record of what happened and when it happened. At that point, you need to make sure that you are getting in touch with an attorney. Never sign anything from the HR department that limits your rights or that you do not understand. Talk with an attorney about your case to see if you have the right to compensation or damages from your injury.

All injury cases are slightly different, even though they might appear similar at first. Make sure you talk with a San Diego personal injury attorney with experience in workplace injuries. Even though you might trust the company you work for implicitly, it is the only way to make sure you are getting a fair deal in the case.