Woman in Lemon Grove Becomes Second Pedestrian Killed within an Hour

San Diego has too many things going for it to count. Our city is right on the ocean, enjoys ideal weather all year round and is fairly affluent. Between SDSU, the NFL, MLB and other organizations, we don’t lack for sports to watch either. We are also known for our fine dining and amazing nightlife. However, one area where San Diego definitely lags behind is pedestrian safety. The city is the most dangerous for pedestrians in the entire state and one of the worst across the country too. Monday night helped illustrate just how bad things are here.

The accident occurred in Lemon Grove. According to San Diego County Sheriff’s officials, a man and woman were walking together down Sweetwater Road, not far from Broadway at a little after 8:00 p.m.

Details are still pending, but we know that it was around this time when an SUV ended up striking the woman and leaving her dead. The driver immediately stopped, though, and reports claim they are cooperating with the Sheriff’s Department’s investigation.

This is bad enough, of course, and represents one more pedestrian death to add to the list, after an October that saw so many of its own.

However, perhaps sadder still is the fact that the accident in Lemon Grove was actually the second of this kind to occur within San Diego County, not just that day, but that hour!  The other accident occurred in Del Mar, involving a collision happening at Interstate 5. There, too, a pedestrian was killed by a vehicle.

Obviously, something needs to change in San Diego to increase pedestrian safety and there have been no lack of options put forward (e.g. more crosswalks). However, if you ever find yourself struck by another vehicle or behind the wheel and having hit a pedestrian, be sure you call an attorney ASAP.