You want to make sure you are providing your elderly loved ones with the best care possible. Sometimes, that means they need to go to a nursing home or an assisted care facility. Even though you may spend a long time trying to find the solution that’s right for your loved one, and you are sure you’ve chosen well, it is still important to beware of the signs and symptoms of elder neglect. The following are some of the things that you will want to look for every time you visit your loved one in the facility. Make sure you always have plenty of private time with him or her, as well, so they feel comfortable telling you if something might be wrong.

Look for bedsores, also called pressure sores. The sores stem from not moving from the bed. While small sores may develop in those people that are bedridden, quality care facilities ensure that they take care of those sores. If they are large and there is loss of skin, there is an issue. Also, be on the watch for infections, falls, sudden weight loss, and dehydration. Look for bruises, signs of sexual abuse, lack of supervision, verbal abuse from workers and other patients, and poor personal hygiene.

If you feel that anything is wrong, then you are certainly right to say something about it. It’ is better to open your mouth and be wrong in these cases than it is to keep quiet and only later find out that your loved one has been suffering.

Do you have an elderly loved one who has suffered abuse of some type in a care facility, or even by an in-home provider? If you do, then you need to get in touch with an experienced San Diego attorney today who can help you in this area.