Most of the time, when people think about vehicle accidents, they think about collisions with another vehicle, or perhaps even an accident involving a pedestrian or a bicycle. They do not always consider that unsafe road conditions could be the cause of an accident. In San Diego, along the vast network of roads, unsafe conditions are unfortunately common. Driving along the highways and streets on any given day can put you in danger. While you should always use caution while driving, sometimes, accidents occur that were not your fault and were instead a problem with the design, maintenance, or the construction of a road.

Consider some of the things that could cause an accident, and you will see just how many dangers are out there. If a road does not have proper guardrails or barriers along drop off areas, or if the utility poles are misplaced, it could cause an accident.

If there are no warning signs in locations where they should be, or if there are large, unrepaired potholes, it could cause an accident, as well. Malfunctioning lights, missing stop signs, unsafe construction zones and more could all contribute to making the drive more dangerous. Getting into an accident could cause serious injuries, or even death in many cases.

If you or someone in the family has been a victim because of this type of negligence, you may well have a good case that you can bring to court. It’s important to speak with an attorney in the San Diego area that has experience when it comes to these sorts of accidents. They will look at the facts of your case and be able to determine just what you should do and whether there is a chance to receive damages for your injuries.