University City Crash Leaves Driver Dead

The San Diego Bay area comprises roughly 380 square miles of California. As the state’s second largest city, it’s no wonder San Diego consists of so many different roadways. These roads weave in and out of the city, which is made up of over 50 different neighborhoods. While these roads are essential for transportation in the area, they can also be quite dangerous.

This past Sunday, August 10, a San Diego driver lost their life after a fiery car crash that occurred in the University City area part of town.

The crash happened just a little south of Nobel Drive at 7900 Genesee Avenue at around 3:43 a.m. There were no other parties involved, fortunately. Sgt. Dan Lasher of the San Diego police stated that the driver was headed northbound when they decided to make a right turn.

Unfortunately, either due to their speed or the angle they approached the street at, they weren’t able to make a safe turn. The result was their car striking an abutment, which caused the vehicle to immediately burst into flames. Trapped in the car, the driver was unable to escape and succumbed to the fire inside.

At this time, that’s all the police have said about the accident. We don’t know the gender or the age of the driver. The police have also kept quiet about whether or not drugs or alcohol played a role in the events. However, the San Diego Police Department’s Traffic Division is still investigating.

Although we’re still waiting for more details, it sounds as though the driver simply wasn’t operating their vehicle safely. However, the family of the driver may still want to hire a San Diego attorney to ensure they’re compensated if they were deemed deserving of any damages. The car itself or the part of the street the driver hit could have also been factors. Either of them may mean the family has a lawsuit on their hands.