Two Accidents Involving Multiple Cars Occur on Same Day

Due to the many roadways that run through San Diego and those that weave in and out of the surrounding county, the area sometimes gets a bad reputation for traffic accidents. However, on August 6, this area’s reputationseemed to be justified as it was host to two accidents that involved multiple vehicles.


First, there was an accident that occurred earlier in the day and involved a terrifying chain reaction. A fire department ladder truck was driving through the city with its sirens on. It was being used by firefighters responding to a kitchen fire.

Unfortunately, on the way to the scene, the ladder truck collided with a car at an intersection. The force then sent the car into two other vehicles before it flipped over twice and then collided with a third vehicle.

The ladder truck was unable to come to a stop until a block away. There were some injured parties—four of the firefighters and the three other drivers—but they were taken to the hospital and reported as not having any serious issues. A spokesman for the Vallejo Fire Department, William Tweedy, said it was unbelievable that no one involved was killed or at least seriously injured from the accident.

Unfortunately, another accident that day did not have such a happy ending. A catering van was towing a large brick pizza oven at around 7:30 pm. At some point, the oven broke loose from the truck. A silver Honda Accord carrying two adults, one male and one female, and two children, one boy and a girl, was stopped at a nearby intersection. The oven crashed into the vehicle, killing the male driver immediately. The woman and boy were taken away in an ambulance and the little girl was airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Oakland.

These stories are sad and scary, but they should also be reminders. As much as possible, we need to look out for ourselves and others when on the road. However, when accidents like these happen, call an attorney immediately to ensure you are protected and/or able to receive any damages you’re entitled to.