There are a number of ways to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we have here in San Diego. One very popular method—especially amongst young people—is skateboarding. Between the sun and the many favorable landscapes, skateboarders have plenty to love about San Diego.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always make the pastime a safe one. Skateboarders often flirt with all kinds of injury, none as dangerous as the kind that comes from automobile traffic, which participants sometimes get a little too close to.

This is what appeared to happen on July 2nd. A local teenager was enjoying his hobby when he entered traffic and was struck by a passing truck at the intersection of Skyline and South 65th in Encanto.

It seems that just before 7pm, the 17 year-old was skateboarding down a hill in the neighborhood when he came to a stop sign at the intersection. However, instead of coming to a stop, he simply proceeded. It was then that a 58-year-old man driving his truck ran into him.

Injuries to the teen included damage done to the teen’s kidney, spleen, tailbone, and shoulder. He was also said to be unresponsive when EMTs arrived at the scene. They took him to Mercy Hospital, though his condition wasn’t known later on that night.

From the story reported, it would seem this was a simple case of a young skateboarder not paying attention to signs and/or traffic. However, the man behind the wheel may still want to consider getting legal representation. In today’s highly litigious culture, he could find himself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. On the other hand, he may want to press charges of his own if damage was done to his truck or he suffered any trauma from the accident.

While the takeaway from this story should be about practicing safety, it’s also important that this serve as an important reminder about having an attorney you can call during an emergency.