Train Strikes Truck in Central California

When all goes well, the trains that crisscross San Diego are an irreplaceable source of transportation. Most wouldn’t know how to handle their commutes without these vehicles racing across their tracks in every direction. Unfortunately, their size and speed makes trains a deadly force when people are put in their path. One accident in Guadalupe, California makes this abundantly clear.

Amtrak is a well-known line around San Diego as well as the rest of Central California. This past Monday, one such train was transporting 250 passengers across Guadalupe when a pickup truck drove over the tracks. No reports have clarified why the truck was in the way. Presumably, there would have been safety measures meant to keep vehicles from the track. In the past, though, this hasn’t always worked if drivers have made it past the restriction gates that collapse when a train is coming. They can then find themselves stuck on the tracks and directly in the path of a speeding train. Numerous pedestrians die every year by ignoring these precautions.

We know that the train just clipped the truck, so it sounds like the driver may have been driving across the tracks when the accident occurred. In any case, the frightening crash was enough to leave the driver with minor injuries. The unidentified man needed medical attention at a local hospital.

After the train struck it, the truck hurdled into two parked cars nearby. Luckily, both vehicles were empty when the accident occurred.

At this time, the crash remains under investigation. However, the driver of the truck should probably seek legal representation. It’s doubtful that he was justified in trying to cross the tracks with an oncoming train hurtling through. At the same time, if the restricting arms failed to fall, he may be the one with a case on his hand. This is why he should consult with an attorney.