On the I-5, a crash between two trucks, both carrying produce, killed one of the drivers on Tuesday, June 3 shortly before 1AM. This left the road blocked and full of tomatoes and other produce throughout much of the morning. One of the trucks heading south rear-ended the other truck, which caused them to go out of control, spill, and eventually burst into flames.

The driver of the truck that overturned passed away at the scene of the accident according to reports from the California Highway Patrol. They’ve thus far kept the name of the victim quiet while they are notifying the relatives. The trucker in the other vehicle, a man from Tijuana, 33, did not receive any injuries.

Cleanup for the accident took several hours. In addition to the tomatoes, bananas, green beans and other produce, the authorities also had to clean up the diesel fuel that spilled. This kept the interstate’s southbound side closed until just before 5AM, at which point they opened a single lane for traffic. A second lane opened hours later, and by 1:30PM, traffic was flowing as normal.

It is still unclear what caused this accident, but the authorities will continue to investigate. Trucking accidents have the potential to be very dangerous. They are similar to car accidents but, due to the size of the vehicles, they tend to cause even more damage. As with other types of vehicle accidents, many different things can cause truck accidents. Someone driving while they are overly tired or distracted can cause accidents. Driving a vehicle that has a defect can result in accidents, as well.

If you or a loved one has been a victim in an accident involving a large truck, or any vehicle for that matter, it’s time to get in touch with an attorney.