Suspicious House Fire Kills Woman Inside

This past Monday, firefighters battled flames spewing forth from a home located near the La Costa Country Club in Carlsbad. Upon entering the property, they also found a dead woman in bed, authorities said.

It was just before 7 a.m., when a neighbor noticed smoke coming out of the house. After firefighters arrived on the scene and tamed the flames, they found her body and called in the medical examiner to establish her cause of death. This investigation is still pending.

Arson detectives were also brought in to determine what caused the multiple fires that seem to have started independently throughout the home.

While this is odd enough on its own, an unidentified man came forward and gave statements to Fox 5 that have only added to the mystery behind this case. According to the man, who claims he only knew the woman for two months, she seemed to be living in constant fear or certain people were hacking her computer and tapping her phone. She also made mention of being followed by them. About a week before the fire, he alleges she told him she didn’t think she’d ever get out of the house alive—a reference to the fact that she had just sold the home. The man said the house was due to be closed on Wednesday.

This man did not clarify, however, who these people were supposed to be or the nature of their relationship to the deceased, who has yet to be identified by police.

Although you clearly can’t take the man at his word, it is odd that the fire would occur so close to the closing and that it appears to have been manmade. Obviously, her family should speak to authorities about this potential crime and find an attorney to help them if they think their loved one was murdered.


Woman found dead in suspicious house fire