91-year-old Robert Stella and other members of his family recently filed a restraining order against his estranged wife Victoria Turner when she made a visit to the facility where Robert undergoes treatment.

The family has accused her of tormenting and abusing Robert while they were together and living in his home. They claim she kept the house filthy and that she would even tie Robert to his bed. The family eventually rescued their father from the situation. They found that he had been malnourished and was dehydrated, and he had to spend several days in the ICU.

He is now recovering at the facility where Victoria made a surprise and very strange visit. She wore a disguise and had legal documents, as well as a pen, with her, as she tried to sneak in to see Robert. She wore a gray wig, and carried a large vase of wilted white roses in front of her to hide her face from the staff. The staff asked her name, and she replied “Church”, but continued walking toward Robert’s room.

Robert recognized her, and seemed to be very frightened after the encounter, as is the case with many victims who see their abusers. She was trying to get him to sign paperwork that would put her in charge of his treatment and would let her become a part of his estate. Hence the reason for the restraining order. While the staff went to get administrators, Turner left. Turner, fifty years younger than Robert, is currently the subject of an investigation by the San Diego Police Department for elder abuse. She is also under investigation for animal neglect and cruelty.

Elder abuse is a serious crime. If you have a family member who is a victim of any sort of abuse, make sure you get in touch with an attorney to help you with your case as soon as possible. It can’t wait.