Strange Incident at Comic Con May Have Closure

If you’re at all familiar with Comic Con, you probably know it promises nothing that resembles the ordinary, which is kind of the whole point. The yearly event, which takes place in San Diego, hosts everything from movie stars to comic book writers to gadget companies and countless fans who swarm to be a part of the celebrated experience.

However, this year’s Comic Con was strange for a couple reasons. First, there was the bizarre accident that occurred during a nearby zombie walk, which left at least three people injured and one elderly woman in the hospital.

Now another strange occurrence has been reported. This one involved a 17-year-old woman from Southern California, who attended the event to participate in cosplay (an activity where fans go all out to dress up like their favorite characters).

Unfortunately, her trip didn’t go as planned. She was found unconscious and bloody over the weekend on a sidewalk near the event. That was bad enough, but a man identified as Justin Kalior was later brought in and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and sexual contact with a minor.

Kalior is currently out on bail and denies any wrongdoing on his part. He has said, too, that he was under the impression the 17-year-old girl was really 20 and that he was at the event to photograph her and others as the owner of a YouTube cosplay channel.

The last strange factor in this story is that police now believe her injuries may have had nothing to do with Kalior, but that instead she was trying to climb a fence, fell and suffered cerebral hemorrhaging as well as fractures in her skull and eye-socket. She is recuperating, but has been in no condition to give a statement.

No matter what took place, Kalior should be looking for an attorney to represent him. The charges he faces are nothing to take lightly, even with new evidence suggesting his innocence.