Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and intermediate care facilities are types of health facilities. California law defines a SNF as one that serves patients who need skilled nursing care on an extended basis. The elderly in SNFs are among the most vulnerable members of our society and often have a particular need for legal assistance. They are dependent on the skilled nursing facility operator for their food, medicine, bed, and a roof over their heads, and need assistance with virtually every daily activity. It is unfortunate that the potential for abuse in nursing facilities has too often been fully realized. The list of abuses committed on nursing facility patients is long and exceeds simple neglect.

Significant remedies exist to redress the injuries suffered by SNF patients through a facility’s pattern of neglect and abuse. Some sections of the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (EADACPA), in certain conditions permit survival of personal injury damages, including damages for pain and suffering, and mandate an award of attorney fees for abuse or neglect of an elder involving egregious conduct.

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