Skateboarder Dies at Local Park

Skateboarding is an important part of the cultural fabric in San Diego. The city and its surrounding areas feature dozens of skate parks, where thousands gather throughout the year to put in time on their favorite hobby. Unfortunately, this sport can be dangerous too. It’s recommended that you always wear proper safety equipment when skating or even death becomes a risk.

Sadly, a legend of the San Diego skating scene passed away last week, on Tuesday, October 7, while practicing his craft. Marc “Shockus” Delellis was at the Rob Field Skate Park in Ocean Beach the day before when he was in some kind of accident.

Details regarding the accident haven’t been forthcoming. It hasn’t been reported if another skater was involved or if Delellis had been wearing safety gear or not. All we can say is that his death is being blamed on a crash that left him on the ground and unconscious. He was taken to nearby UC San Diego Medical Center where The Medical Examiner’s Office reports he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. The next day, he was dead.

Aside from his many personal accolades in his chosen sport, the 39-year-old Delellis was also the global marketing director for a San Clemente-based company called C1rca that specialized in making shoes for skateboarders. Delellis has also been mentioned by many other notable skaters as the man who mentored them in the sport. He was even eulogized in Thrasher magazine, which has a global readership.

Like we said, facts are still hazy at this time. However, if his death was caused by someone else’s negligence, Delellis’ family should be seeking legal representation. It’s also possible that something was wrong with the skate park he was at when the accident occurred—they have mandatory regulations they must follow. Unless the accident was completely the fault of Delellis, his loved ones should call an attorney today.