Sexual Assault Reported at CSUSM

For the vast majority of people, college represents a time to both achieve the path to a better future and have a little fun with those who will become lifelong friends. However, some people’s college careers are marred with memories they’d like to forget. Unfortunately, it seems like this may be the case for one young woman attending California State University San Marcos.

The incident in question involves sexual assault allegedly predicated by a male on a female who is attending the school. Although it was just reported this past Friday, the victim says the attack occurred last month.

According to reports, the victim was attending a party at a residence hall where she met her alleged attacker, whom had been invited by others. He is described as an 18-year-old African-American male, standing about 5’8 and weighing around 170 pounds. He has brown eyes and short, black hair. However, he is not believed to be a student, but rather a resident of Orange County.

This is the second such crime that’s been reported in the vicinity of the Quad residence hall on CSUSM’s campus. The first was actually reported a week after this one is supposed to have taken place. It was then that a man who matches the description of the assailant from a week prior is said to have perpetrated a similar crime on a female victim.

An investigation is still under way, meaning facts are not forthcoming at this time. University officials would not comment on whether or not drugs or alcohol were involved nor would they elaborate on the nature of the attack.

While college should be a time that represents happy memories, tragedies like this are a good reminder that young people still need to keep their guard up as much as possible. This young woman should also contact an attorney to ensure she understands her rights.


Sex assault reported at CSUSM residence hall