This time of year, it’s common to see more and more kids getting outside to play. The weather here in San Diego is always nice, but in the summer months, children are more apt to take advantage of it. Plus, school is out, so you’ll see children outside at all hours. It’s especially important to keep this information in mind when driving your car through neighborhoods. Small children are hard to see as it is and they can quickly dart out in front of your vehicle without warning.

That’s how one young child in Lincoln Park wound up getting struck by a car. On June 22nd, a 59 year old man was driving his Acura as it made its way down the 100 block of 47th street at around 4 pm. A van parked in a nearby alley had made the child impossible to see until she was out in the road, directly in the path of the oncoming car.

Fortunately, police have reported that the little girl’s injuries were not life-threatening. It also doesn’t sound like charges will be brought against the motorist, as there seems like little he could have done to avoid the child. The police also didn’t mention that he was speeding.

Nonetheless, such a situation is a good time to have San Diego attorney you can call on for assistance. The family of the little girl could still hire a personal injury attorney of their own to bring charges against him. So it would be best for him if he at least had his own representation ready to defend him.

A personal injury lawyer could also help him better understand the predicament he’s in. This would help him keep from inadvertently making things worse for himself.

So while you should be careful this summer when driving in neighborhoods, remember that it also pays to have an attorney you trust.