It’s an old cliché: dogs hate postal workers. The two have to learn to live with one another, but from time to time, you hear stories about man’s best friend turning on mail carriers.

Unfortunately, in San Diego, it turns out this happens far more often than in most cities. In fact, San Diego is one of the top five worst offenders in the entire country.

In May, The Postal Service released statistics at the beginning of National Dog Bite Prevention Week. It accompanied a report on the 30 worst cities in the country as graded by number of dog attacks on postal workers.

The top five, in descending order were:

  • Houston: 63
  • Los Angeles: 61
  • Cleveland: 58
  • San Diego: 53
  • Chicago: 47

In an effort to see these numbers fall, The Postal Service also provided some helpful tips dog owners can use to keep their carrier safe and their dog out of potential trouble.

One is to always make sure your dog is secured in another room or elsewhere if a mail carrier comes to your door. Don’t even run the risk that your canine may be able to get to the door and go after the postal worker.

Be sure your kids know about this routine as well. Children also need to be careful not to take the mail from the carrier. Getting that close to them or even the simple gesture of handing off mail may be seen as a threat to your dog that will react to protect its owners.

Of course, sometimes accidents are just going to happen. If you’re a mail carrier who’s been attacked by a dog or you’re worried because the family pet has bitten a mail carrier (or anyone for that matter), call an attorney ASAP.