At the end of May, one San Diego man decided to make three very poor decisions one Tuesday night. Before it was all said it done, two very serious accidents would occur that would end in hospital visits though, fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

First, the 42-year-old driver in question had too much to drink and decided to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, his poor judgment would spill over into someone else’s life as he crashed his Ford Escape into two parked cars in the parking lot of a liquor store in North Park. This initial accident happened just before 11:40 pm, police said.

His second mistake was not simply taking responsibility for his poor judgment and the result. At the time, his consequences hadn’t hurt anybody, just their property. Instead, the driver was able to remove his car from the wreckage and then attempted to flee the scene.

Unfortunately, in doing so, he ran a red light. A black Saab that had also been driving through the intersection of University Avenue and Park Boulevard paid the price. Both vehicles were said to have significant damage after the accident. In fact, firefighters who responded to the wreck had to remove a passenger side door on one vehicle in order to successful extract the person inside.

The driver of the Saab suffered a fracture to his neck. His passenger also incurred injuries, but they were said to be non-life threatening. Nonetheless, both were brought to a nearby hospital in San Diego.

Minor injuries were also suffered by the intoxicated man behind the wheel of his Ford Focus. He was hospitalized as well.

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. However, if you find yourself charged with a DUI or are on the innocent party in an accident, you need to call a lawyer ASAP.