San Diego Cyclist Dead After Accident

It’s become a well known fact that San Diego is not always the safest city for pedestrians. In fact, it’s the least safe city in the state and one of the worst in the country for those trying to travel alongside cars. Unfortunately, the same factors that can make the road unsafe for those traveling by foot often extend to bicyclists too. But one recent death of a San Diego cyclist actually happened out of state, shedding light on the fact that you always need to be as careful as possible when traveling via bicycle.

Details are still coming in, but it sounds like the accident may have been caused by the fact that the part of the highway Kerry Lee Kunsman, 67, was cycling down takes a curve and doesn’t provide cyclists with a shoulder. As a result, there’s a good chance that Frank B. Bohannon, 74, simply didn’t see the cyclist when he was coming around the bend. Without a shoulder to travel on, Kunsman could have been right in Bohannon’s way without the driver being able to do much about it. Driving a Ford F350 pickup also means that the cyclist didn’t stand much of a chance when he was hit.

Due to his injuries, he was originally taken in an ambulance to Tillamook Regional Medical Center. However, there, they found that the extent of his injuries was so bad that he needed to be airlifted to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center located in Portland.

He was able to hang in there over the weekend until the County Medical Examiner’s Office announced on Monday that Mr. Kunsman had passed away due to his injuries.

An investigation is still pending, though it should go without saying that Bohannon would be smart to hire legal representation. Although it doesn’t necessarily sound like he did anything wrong, the repercussions could be serious enough that it makes sense to have an attorney on his side.