Rollover Results in Juvenile Injured

San Diego and the surrounding area are no strangers to auto accidents. Sadly, that seems to be practically inevitable when you consider how many miles of roadway there are. Millions of drivers depend on them every single day, which means that poor judgment on anyone’s part is often enough to change someone’s life permanently. While there are a wide range of auto accidents, one of the scariest may be rollovers. This past Sunday, one in Oceanside almost left a juvenile dead.

As you probably know, this past Monday was Labor Day, meaning roads were more packed than usual the entire weekend. It was 11 pm, when the rollover occurred. Investigators still don’t know what caused it, though alcohol is believed to have been involved.

The vehicle ended up going off the road and rolling over onto a hillside located by Canyon Drive and Carey Road before it finally ended upside down.

When authorities arrived, they found a juvenile girl at the scene who had sustained injuries from the accident. However, the driver of the white car had fled the accident. He was later found in a nearby neighborhood wearing just shorts—no shirt or shoes. The man had only suffered a cut to the side of his head. After being treated for it, police arrested him under suspicion of felony DUI and hit-and-run.

Details regarding what started the crash are still forthcoming. We also don’t know what the relationship was between the man and his juvenile passenger. What everyone can agree upon, though, is that they’re both very lucky to be alive.

Should you ever find yourself in a situation like this, be sure to contact an attorney as soon as possible. While you’ll want to look after your physical wellbeing and that of anyone else involved, not having an attorney to represent you could have longstanding consequences.