Rollover Crash Injures Deputy

San Diego and the cities surrounding it are covered in roadways, meaning it’s not hard to find heavy traffic most days. This also means that if you’re not careful when you’re driving, you could end up seriously hurting yourself or someone else. As one recent accident showed, even police officers can end up in situations where their wellbeing is compromised.

The accident occurred last Monday morning and left a female deputy from Acton injured. The accident happened a little after 4:30 am, while she was driving north on Antelope Valley Freeway. When she took the off-ramp to return to the Palmdale police station, a rollover occurred, though authorities are still trying to figure out what circumstances actually caused it. We do know that she was by herself, as she had just recently dropped off an inmate at a regional detention facility.

That car rolled over at least once, though it may have been more times. While the circumstances are still vague, we do know that the deputy was immediately taken to the Henry May Hospital. Her actual condition remains a mystery, however, although we know she sustained some injuries.

Without more details, it’s tough to diagnose this accident or take much from it. However, it does go to show how dangerous driving can be, even for the authorities. It should also serve as a reminder that, given the risks involved, you should never get behind the wheel without the contact information for a qualified attorney handy. Whether you’re responsible or not or injured or not, it just makes sense to speak with an attorney in light of an accident so you’ll be properly represented.

If the police officer had  a passenger—like the inmate she dropped off—they would also want to contact an attorney immediately. The police officer would need to be held responsible for any injuries the rollover caused if she was found guilty of causing it.


Deputy Injured In Rollover Crash On 14 Freeway In Acton