Recent Tanker Accident Shuts Down Interstate 15

Due to its location in the state, San Diego sees countless commercial trucks driving through its highways every day. Obviously, the city itself needs plenty of commercial trucks bringing products in and out over the course of the day as well. Though the vast majority is able to do this without incident, it’s important to appreciate that these large vehicles represent a very unique and potentially dangerous risk.

One example of this occurred in Sabre Springs recently on Interstate 15. In the wake of the accident, the northbound lanes of Interstate 15 had to be closed Friday morning and kept that way for nine hours. That’s because one of these large vehicles overturned, along with one of two tankers it was hauling. In doing so, roughly 2,200 gallons of fuel spilled out from the ruptured tanker and covered the entire freeway.

Obviously, this made the interstate unsafe for driving until the vehicle could be removed and the oil cleaned up. Traffic was diverted to Poway Road or otherwise allowed to travel down the HOV lanes during morning rush hour. This did little, though, to thin the massive amount of drivers using the highway that early.

Although a vehicle that size tipping over while going interstate speeds is scary enough, the unidentified driver’s recollection of what occurred is even scarier. To put it simply, he doesn’t remember. Paramedics who examined the man reported that he was uninjured, but other issues could have rendered the man incapacitated while he was driving.

He’ll definitely want to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Truckers may sometimes suffer from issues caused by trying to stay on the road for too long. If he was pressured into pushing himself pass unsafe limits by his employer, they could be held accountable. Still, no matter what the case, the driver needs to ensure he has a competent professional looking out for him.