BikeA bicyclist in La Jolla was found on Towne Center Drive in La Joll, starting a mysteries authorities are working to solve. The man is currently in the hospital, severely injured from his accident, which happened Monday night. The unidentified victim suffered a traumatic blow to his head, causing brain damage. Injuries to his head are considered to be life-threatening, at last report.

It is unknown to the public whether or not the man was wearing a bicycle helmet at the time of his accident. This inexpensive head wear can greatly reduce injuries during bike accidents. Until the 1970’s, bicycle helmets were usually made from leather or similar materials. Often, these were constructed in a “hairnet” style, offering little protection to the rider.

Today, bike helmets are made from space-age materials, offering significantly more protection to riders than designs from decades ago.

Many areas have made wearing helmets mandatory while bicycling. Although there has been active opposition to these laws in some areas, wearing bike helmets is still a good habit for all riders.

Police often do not report many details in such cases, in order to protect the privacy of victims. Still, some residents around San Diego are wondering if a vehicle may have been involved in the accident, or if a medical condition may have lead to the tragic fall.

As far as police know, there were no witnesses who saw what happened to the victim. The drive to unravel the series of events leading to the hospitalization of the 52-year-old man is perplexing police. Authorities are determined to figure out exactly what happened that fateful night.

The community around the greater San Diego area are the best hope to unwrap this mystery, and assist an injured man, fighting for his life. Authorities around La Jolla are asking anyone who has information about the case to contact the La Jolla Police Department.