After a mysterious fire started at a Point Loma apartment building, three people were taken to the local hospital. One of those admitted was actually a police officer who needed medical attention for smoke inhalation.

Witnesses reported hearing what they described as an explosion coming from the direction of the Loma Highlands Apartments located at 2185 Chatsworth Boulevard at around 2:30pm. Immediately after the sound of the explosion, the witness also said they heard the sound of glass shattering. Then a tower of black smoke rose from the building.

Representatives from the fire department reported that the issue was caused by a remodeling project going on in one of the apartments. An upstairs unit was apparently in the middle of getting a new look—specifically, it was tub that was being refurbished. Chemical vapors were collecting in the bathroom when sparks from an electrical tool mixed with them, causing the explosion.

A witness reported seeing a man flee from the apartment without his shirt on and looking as though he had just been hurt. One of the painters in the unit also sustained burns from the ensuing fire. The third victim of the fire was a responding police officer who went into the unit to help the painter. Smoke inhalation rendered him in need of medical attention too.

Two units in total were damaged before firefighters would arrive and put the fire down. However, the damage and ensuing issues leftover from the fire will leave as many as 25 people without homes. Fortunately, the Red Cross has responded.

No matter who you are in this story, you should consider calling an attorney. With damages being estimated at as much as $300,000, the person deemed responsible could do with a lawyer on their side. Those who lost property or were hospitalized may also be entitled to some damages.