Pilot Crashes Plane in San Diego County

Like any city in the country, it’s not rare to look up and see planes traveling through the clouds here in San Diego. However, Northern California is also home to a number of private pilots who enjoy flying their own planes either for personal travel or pure enjoyment. In any case, that means that every now and then, you’ll hear of one of these planes crashing. Unfortunately, this summer has seen a number of them. There have been at least three crashes in Northern California, two of which happened inside San Diego County, in just over a month.

This time, the crash happened in Warner Springs. Fortunately, unlike the other two times we mentioned, while the pilot was hurt, no one was killed in the accident. The pilot did suffer moderate injuries, but nothing that is considered life-threatening. According to CalFire Capt. Kendal Bortisser, the pilot was conscious and responsive after his aircraft crashed near Warner Springs Gilderport this past Saturday.

The plane that crashed was a single-seat Piper Pawnee. Apparently, it was being used to tow and then launch gliders into the sky. Unfortunately, the pilot—who is being referred to only as “Jim” for the moment—went up around 12:15 p.m. with a glider being pulled about 200 feet behind him. Early on, the glider fell out of position causing the Piper’s tail to rise up farther than the pilot could correct. Fortunately, neither vehicle got more than 100 feet off the ground or broke 65 miles per hour. Plus, although the Piper Pawnee was designed for crop dusting, it’s a durable vehicle that can sustain this type of damage.

While the pilot and everyone nearby are lucky to be alive, they may want to consider finding legal representation. The pilot could have a case against the person in the glider he was towing or vice versa, for one thing.





Pilot Hospitalized After Single-Engine Plane Crashes