Pileup in Old Town Puts Six in the Hospital

Traffic on San Diego highways is often bumper to bumper. After all, you only have so many roadways for millions of people all trying to get to their different destinations. So, unfortunately, it’s inevitable that eventually accidents will happen. Hopefully, they involve as few people as possible and no one gets seriously hurt or worse.

This past Saturday, August 16th, traffic was continuing as normal down I-8. At 12:55pm, traffic was fairly dense, which is to be expected of afternoon traffic around San Diego, especially by exits for I-5 just north of Old Town.

But around this time, something happened that caused traffic to all of a sudden slow considerably around this stretch of highway. A single driver slammed on their brakes and the domino effect was sadly predictable. One driver after the next followed suit until six vehicles had finally slammed into one another, bumper to bumper.

According to Zaineb Jafar, a victim in the accident, one car hit the next, hit the next, etc. in quick succession. At the time, Jafar thought the accident was going to turn fatal.

Fortunately, no one died, but people were injured. Six were brought to the nearby hospital with various cuts and pains that needed treatment. The good news is that they were all minor injuries. Given the number of cars involved, though, the freeway had to be decreased to just a single lane of traffic. But they were back up to normal operation by 2:30pm.

An accident like this goes to show how much can go wrong in a heartbeat. All parties involved should have already sought legal representation as someone will need to be held responsible. This is why it pays to have the contact information of a qualified attorney handy at all times. In the wake of such an accident, time is of the essence. You want to have someone on your side and you also want to give the attorney plenty of time to investigate the accident and interview witnesses.