Pedestrian Struck by Train in Carlsbad

One of the many benefits of living in the Bay Area is the constant access to so many different forms on transportation. It can make getting from one side of San Diego County to the other rather simple and convenient. The trains around here are one especially popular example of this. Unfortunately, they can also be quite dangerous.

Recently, a man in Encinitas stood on the tracks and appeared to allow a freight train to hit him in what is believed to be a suicide. However, even for someone who has no such intentions, trains come with a certain amount of risk.

Just two days before the alleged suicide, on Thursday, August 7th, a man was crossing a railroad track in Carlsbad. This is the track that was being used by a northbound Burlington Northern Santa Fe train (the same line involved in the suicide). When it traveled through the part of the track located by the intersection of State Street and Grand Avenue, it struck the victim.

According to a witness, the unnamed man had just come from a nearby bar. He approached the tracks with his sister—it had been her birthday—and, when the railroad-crossing arm stood in his way, he simply ducked under it and kept walking.

The witness then said that when he realized his sister had stopped he double-backed. It was at this point that the train struck him.

Unfortunately, this does not appear to be a rare incident in this area. One local who lives in the neighborhood told reporters she believes this kind of tragedy happens every other month, due to the large concentration of bars in the area.

Whatever the case, the unnamed victim’s family should consider hiring a lawyer to look into the man’s death. If he was over served or better precautionary measures need to be taken to stop this type of thing, they could be entitled to damages.