While leaving a romantic gesture with chalk on the road outside of his girlfriend’s Fallbrook home, a man was struck and killed by a school bus.  The man, Deio Alcala, was kneeling the turn land on Reche Road.  According to the California Highway Patrol, the man looked up but did not move in time and the 25 person bus hit him around 5:45 a.m. on Friday February 26, 2010. The impact knocked him into a Ford Explorer and he died at the scene.  It appears that there were no people on the bus other than the driver, who was unhurt.

While it is unclear at this time if the driver had time to stop, we want to remind everyone to keep a special lookout for pedestrians when driving. They are unprotected and a great risk of injury.

Our San Diego County Pedestrian Accident Attorneys would also like to remind everyone that the road is a dangerous place to be (even on residential streets) and that the risk of injury or death is very high considering the usual outcome of pedestrian accidents with vehicles.

Out hearts go out to the friends and families of Mr. Alcala.

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